10 things we have learnt at Trade Shows

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  1. Pack snacks, snacks and more snacks

There may not be anywhere to buy food while trading, or you may not get the time to get something, so pack snacks and lots of them!

  1. Eating needs to happen in shifts

It’s sods law that you will take a bite of sandwich and a customer will appear, so eat one at a time (if you have a helper) or eat in bite-sized quantities if on your own!

  1. Be prepared for the unexpected

We couldn’t get onto site with vehicles for a recent trade show due to a medical emergency, but luckily we had two trolleys which meant leg power to trolley everything to our pitch

  1. Love thy neighbours
    You are with them for the duration of the show, so be nice! They become your extended family while you are there, so look out for one another and offer help or cups of tea if they are on their own!
  2. Ignore negativity

You have one life, so move on and live it!  Above all, always stay positive!

  1. You will always forget something even if you have checked and checked again
  1. Smile – you are your brand and can be seen at all times
  1. Think Marathon not a 100m sprint –
    It takes time to get your brand name out there, so be patient!
  1. Network, network and network some more
    You can learn a lot from fellow traders and customers and you never know who you they are, they could unlock doors for you!
  1. Plan ahead and set objectives
    It will help to give you focus, ready for the show ahead!

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