5 reasons to buy British this year

Posted on January 11, 2021, in: Blog Tags: , ,

1. QUALITY: When you buy something made in Britain, you are typically buying a skillfully manufactured product that has well and truly been built to last. 😍

2. ECONOMY: Money spent on British products also filters through to your local economy and enables UK companies to invest in each other. 👌

3. FOOTPRINT: Products manufactured in the UK often have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those mass-produced in countries abroad such as China and India. ✈️

4. CONSCIENCE: When you buy British, you can be sure that the people who have worked hard to make those products have been paid fairly whilst working in a safer and comfortable environment. 👥

5. DEMAND: If you back British manufacturing as a consumer, it will create demand. In order for this demand to be met, it will, in turn, drive retailers to seek supply closer to home. 🇬🇧

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