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Knits and tweeds for Winter walks

Winter needn’t be a time to stay indoors. It’s the perfect season to wrap up warm, throw some wellies on and go for an invigorating walk. Blow away the cobwebs along blustery coastal paths, or take a frosty stroll through the rolling countryside, there is so much to take in.

There’s something truly magical about walking in winter. Whether it’s the clear crisp air, the breath-taking views or the smells of the great outdoors, it’s a wonderful time to go walking.

To help you get outside and embrace this time of year we have some wonderful knits and tweeds to help you on your way.


Wool is a natural fibre formed from the fleece of a sheep; it’s a natural insulator, is resilient and can be made into many incredible fashion pieces. 


Tweed has been central to British style for centuries. Tweed is a natural fibre textile, woven with a soft, open weave and made from wool. It is no longer the frumpy, boxy material that people used to view it as. In fact, both wool and tweed are versatile, eco-friendly and sustainable.


Somerset based businesses Touch of Tweed, Hurd & Co and Fruitbat Textiles all work with these wonderful materials bringing you a range of clothing and accessories to stay warm, beat the wind chill and enjoy those winter walks. All of this while supporting the best of British and great British heritage.

Founder of Touch of Tweed, Catherine says ‘It can seem strange to think about over-heating in winter, but sweating is one of the easiest ways to get cold when out walking. So breathable layers are crucial in helping you cope with this. Our 100% organic cotton sweatshirts are the perfect layer for your winter walks, keeping you warm but allowing you to breathe.’

 It is also so important to stay warm when you stop, be it to check your map, take a swig from the flask, or to soak up a spectacular view. You start cooling down and what better way to do this than with these stunning headbands and snoods from Fruitbat Textiles. These truly unique headbands are created by hand, using hand dyed and woven British wool. They are lined with a fleece fabric made from lambs wool and elasticated to fit all head sizes! The snoods and headbands are complete one offs, no two are the same

 Keep that heat in further with Somerset handmade boot toppers and finger-less wrist warmers made using 100% pure wool, branded with the Hurd & Co antler logo on a cork leather tag.  Staying warm is always better than cooling down, then trying to warm up again. So, take a tip from these incredible small businesses and use wool and tweed to your advantage

So, wrap up, stay warm, and wear British wool and tweed with pride this winter-time: https://touchoftweed.co.uk/collections/all

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