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Posted on March 17, 2020, in: Blog

Why staycations will beat holidays abroad

As spring approaches minds will start to wander and you might be thinking about booking that summer holiday, but instead of jetting off to the med why not explore the option of a staycation right here in the UK.

The UK plays host to some of the world’s most beautiful scenery from Snowdonia, to Scotland, Yorkshire, to the South coast… wherever you are, you’re not far from stunning scenery and the great British Countryside.


With so much right on our doorsteps and under our noses, why not take the chance to get active and explore what the countryside really has to offer. There are miles and miles of countryside to be explored, from national peaks to coastal paths, shake off those walking boots and take in those breath-taking views. If walking isn’t your thing, then there is always the two wheeled option, the UK has a nation-wide network of signed paths and routes for cycling, prefect for exploring outdoors. Or why not admire the beautiful countryside scenery from the sea! Yes, you read that right, there are now kayaking holidays, you could be canoeing by day, and camping at night, whilst also learning foraging skills, now that’s something to tell your work colleagues about.


Relax, learn new skills and broaden those horizons. How about some cloud spotting in the beautiful South Downs, stargazing in unpolluted countryside skies in Cornwall, or allotment courses at River Cottage HQ in Devon.

The UK also has over 200 nature reserves, with panoramic views, wildlife gardens, playgrounds with treehouses, as well as hides that allow visitors to get closer to the dragonflies and birds.

Wildlife lovers should also consider whale watching and wildlife safaris in Scotland, you don’t always need to jet off overseas to see wildlife when we have some of the worlds most beautiful creatures right here.


Why not revert back to a classic mode of transport and sit back and relax while taking in enchanting scenery by train or canal boat. Cruise the canals, and cross amazing aqueducts, at 4 miles per hour a canal narrow boat holiday is often described as ‘the fastest way to slow down’

There are hundreds of National Trust and Heritage sites just waiting to be explored and their history revealed, who wouldn’t want to learn more about the country they live in?


You really don’t have to venture very far to find a great getaway in the UK, be it in the valleys of the Lake District or along the expansive stretches of coastline. When you compare that with the hours spent sat in uncomfortable seats in airports, the stress of remembering everything and the position of the pound, a ‘staycation’ just makes sense. When travelling with children, this somewhat quicker and less stressful travel experience can be a huge advantage. You definitely want to keep the whole family happy and getting you to your desired destination faster, will mean your holiday can start as soon as possible.

Cheap air fares are all well and good, but they are catastrophic for the environment as a whole. Holidaying locally is undoubtedly a greener option, especially if you hit the road with family and friends and drive a short distance. You’re also contributing to the UK’s economy when opting to take a ‘staycation’.

It may be obvious to many that not forking out for expensive flights will help them save money. There are so many fantastic deals on great value trips of all descriptions all over the UK, all you have to do is decide where and which type of holiday you’d like.

If none of this convinces you then just focus on the sheer beauty and variety of destinations available in the UK, where will your first staycation of 2020 be?

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