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I find it very easy to get wrapped up in the business world, you fly from here to there, dealing with this and that and sometimes you can forget who you are and what makes you ‘you’.

After our long, unintentional break I thought it would be worth winding it all back to the beginning and starting again with our story and taking the time to tell it properly this time. We have told you why we had a break and have reintroduced ourselves but as a bit of fun let’s tell you some things about ourselves that you may not know.

Ok, I might cheat a little on this and use some of the ‘20 facts about us’ we published in August last year, but the main points are that at the end of the day we are humans too, we are us, we lead our own lives and have our own individual quirks to be proud of.  So without further ado here we go…..


  1. I grew up in a Kentish village but moved to Somerset when I was 18 and never returned.
  2. I was born 2 months early and weighed just over 4lbs.
  3. My favourite ever dinner is spaghetti bolognese.
  4. A Mars bar dunked in a cuppa is the way forward.
  5. My sense of smell and taste are shocking, but my hearing makes up for it.
  6. I didn’t go to Uni and instead did an Apprenticeship and a few years later a Foundation Degree in Agricultural Management, studying whilst working full time
  7. Blue eye liner is my trade mark.
  8. I’m an Aquarius but have a fear of deep water, although I recently tried snorkelling (in Malta).
  9. I have two piercings in both my ear lobes and the lady piercing misplaced one so they don’t match!
  10. I work full time and for Touch of Tweed. 


  1. I’ve travelled around the World – my favourite place was Indonesia. 
  2. I have two degrees.
  3. I love surfing – the ocean is my 2nd home. 
  4. I’m originally from Bournemouth and support AFC Bournemouth.
  5. I’m a Cancerian (and yes I do get crabby). 
  6. I will always say hello to a dog before their owner.   
  7. I was told I would never achieve any GCSE’s when I was at primary school (ha, I showed you Mr Harrington). 
  8. I’m not a materialistic person, I have owned the same car for over 8 years (and it’s still going strong).
  9. I’m very environmentally conscious and an active member of Surfers Against Sewage (so is Catherine).
  10. I’m obsessed with Glastonbury Festival.


  1. Is a rescue dog (well re-homed).
  2. We can’t believe he has been with us 7 months already!
  3. He loves ice cream and playing with his toy pheasant (Country boy!)
  4. He is what we call a ‘naughty but nice’ dog.
  5. He went grey in puppyhood.
  6. Cheese and toast are everything!
  7. He is spoilt rotten.
  8. He has several nicknames including: JP (Jasper Pooch), Poochie, hairy canary, poppet, and sausage to name but a few!
  9. He and James are in a loving bro-mance and Catherine gets jealous!
  10. He’s as Labrador but isn’t very comfortable in water (yet).  

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