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Brand Ambassadors

So, if you google the term Brand Ambassador it says that they are people who are hired by an organisation or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales. 

Although this is true, to us, brand ambassadors are so much more than that. They should have the same aspirations for your business as you, they should want to help you in any way they can, they should celebrate the wins with you and be there to help you through the lows. They will hopefully become friends and an extended part of your business family. 

We’ve had some poor experiences in the past with influencers who seem too focused on post likes rather than creating actual engaging, informative and interesting content, so we wondered whether we go down that route again. Until Gem Gilbert contacted us, when it all changed…

Catherine met Gem at the Hiho & Co networking day in February and the two have supported each other since. Gem is a local, genuine, down to earth lady that supports small businesses through her social media feeds and blogging. Gem has a real passion for the brands she works with and has lots of great ideas of how you can work together.

Gem, pardon the pun, is a real Gem to work with and we are thrilled to say she has accepted the offer to be our very first official brand ambassador! This is a huge step for us and provides some real excitement for the future. You might have already seen that Gem wrote a lovely blog for us on five ways to style your ladies Touch of Tweed sweatshirt, but if you haven’t seen it please do check it out here:


A quick side note from us before we introduce you properly to Gem. Please, if you are thinking of approaching a small business (or any business for that matter) to be a brand ambassador please consider what it really means to that business and what value you could add. It really shouldn’t just be about wanting a huge number of followers, getting more and more likes on a post or getting the free products, it’s much more than that. It is working with that brand because you believe in them, you love their products, you want to support them whichever way you can and you are willing to establish a working relationship.

So enough from us, without further ado, it is with huge excitement that we introduce you to our very first ambassador Gem:


My name is Gemma Gilbert – most people call me Gem or Gems, I am 22 years old and live in Somerset. I am a full-time precision engineer after finishing an apprenticeship. I have been qualified for 2 years now but have been in the industry for 6 years. My main passion in life is my beloved horse also my best friend Con (Conner). 

Con is 11 years old and we compete at low level eventing and British Riding Club competition. Having also qualified and attended for BRC national championships two years on the trot. 

Conner is very unique, with two beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous facial markings which really makes him stand out. I first started riding at the age of 6 and haven’t turned back since, we much prefer our jumping over dressage. 


The most precious thing about small British businesses is that there are so many, are all so different but they all have the same drive. Buying products that are made in the UK makes me appreciate the hard work and effort that has been carried out to produce them. Each little detail really has been thought out carefully, rather than a huge production line across seas, where each item is just a number and it doesn’t have the love and care which each and individual product should get. I feel this is what makes things more special. One last thing is I’m sure when you purchase an item the brands do a happy dance in their offices. 


I wanted to work with Touch of Tweed, as not only are they a local business but they are so passionate about their business, not only about their products but also about making a difference to the environment. The unique touches of Tweed on their products are very different. Being different can be seen as a bad thing but I love different and it just works beautifully. Both James and Catherine are truly the nicest people so why wouldn’t you want to help support a local business, who are keeping it real and producing British made stunning jumpers. 


I have to say the button up collar, because you can wear it undone, half buttoned up or for a really cold day all the way up. The details on the tweed too really sets it off. I do love a good pocket and the one on the ladies sweatshirt is super handy too, for all sorts such a phone, my riding gloves and even the tv remote.  


When wanting to collaborate make sure you really do have an interest in the product rather than just wanting something for free. Knowing the product or products of the brand even if its via engagement on socials is always good. Brand knowledge, getting to know the owners and appreciate all the hard work that goes into it.

Collaborations are a two-way thing so once you get your product to review, make sure you share your thoughts with others so they too can discover the amazing product. This can be done via a blog, Instagram post or a video of you talking about and using the product.

Fancy yourself a sweatshirt like Gem, check them out here – https://touchoftweed.co.uk/collections/all

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