The best bank holiday activities for outdoor lovers

Posted on August 26, 2021, in: Blog

There’s nothing like a three-day bank holiday weekend to lift the spirits and help you recharge – but what we do know is they can creep up on you and if you haven’t made plans for that extra day’s holiday yet we’re here to help.

From windswept walks on beaches that are beautiful whatever the British weather, to all you can eat picnics with friends, these are our favourite things to do on a bank holiday weekend….

1. Take a trip to the beach 🏖️

Now we know our British weather can be a bit hit and miss, but what better way to blow away the cobwebs of the week before and set yourself up for the week ahead than with a walk on your local beach.

Top tip – you could even carry out a two-minute beach clean while you are there 🌍

2.  Picnic with friends 👥

Good friends are good for your health! Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. What better way to catch up then with a good old-fashioned great British picnic.

Friends, food, and the day off – winning if you ask us!

Top tip – can you only use reusables for your picnic – we challenge you to zero single-use plastics 

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3. Brush up on British History

With hundreds of National Trust and English Heritage sites across the UK, there is plenty to see and learn. 

We’ve all become used to walking during the pandemic, so make the most of it and stretch your legs a little further by exploring a piece of history

Whatever you choose to do this Bank Holiday weekend, have a great one 

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