The inspiration behind our name and how opposites clearly attract!

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Why try something that you have no experience in? Find out what really inspired us to start up our own clothing brand and what continues to inspire us to grow our business 


If you don’t try, you will never know? Right? Yes, definitely right. I had the idea for Touch of Tweed years before I even started it, but was too scared to start, I wasn’t in the right place financially and mentally. I hadn’t even told James of my idea, which is silly being that he is half the reason the idea emerged. Then one day I saw another brand start up and thought, that could be me, so I told James, and he said, well go for it, ‘why not’. SO here we are today.


This is where our real inspiration came from. Having grown up in a small Kentish village around country pursuits and lots of tweed, you can imagine my usual ‘country’ attire. However, being a true surfer dude and having grown up in a large coastal town, James’ fashion tended to be of the casual look, mixed with bright colours. Colours are something I shied away from, I like black, blue, browns. 

You can imagine as a new couple dating, we didn’t really ‘fit’ in with each other fashion wise, and we didn’t like the same brands. That’s what inspired us to create something that stayed true to who we are as individuals, but aligned us more as a couple – Touch of Tweed was born. We combine country and coastal fashion like no other brand.


The coast and the country provide such spectacular views, colours and combinations that give you the perfect platforms for new designs and colour way combinations – why not take the beautiful blue of the ocean but throw in a splash of pink to make our mark? (small hint at what’s to come)


Really – yes. If you can see how well other brands have done and are doing it is a real push to make your brand just as good. 

There is also no other brand like ours so we can look at a garment from another brand and elaborate and amend the design to our bespoke designs and make them something truly unique.


Those that go the extra mile to ask how the business is going, share our posts, read our blogs, come to find us at trade events. The support means everything and pushes us to go further.


We have been blown away by some of the loveliest feedback we have had from you, our customers. ‘Your jumper is leagues above anything else in my wardrobe’, ‘I wear my jumper all the time’, ‘I received my package today and I couldn’t be happier’. I won’t blow our own trumpets anymore, but these are some of the kind words we have received and they really do make us beam from ear to ear!

So thank you to every one of you for your support, love and custom on this entrepreneurial journey. It really means the world to us and we have so much to share in the near future!

See how our inspirations form beautiful products for yourself here –https://touchoftweed.co.uk/collections/all

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