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We recently took part in the @justacard #indieweek and we were quite clear that, as a brand we do not participate in Black Friday, we wanted to put a few words together to explain this in a bit more detail so let us explain…

  • We are not a ‘fast fashion’ consumer brand. You may have noticed we have a very small collection, but that is ok as we are working hard to make sure that this very small collection is the absolute best it can be before we think about another.
  • Our products are the prices they are to reflect the hard work, craftsmanship and effort that go into every garment. Our prices reflect the costs of running an ethical, sustainable, handmade, British business.
  • Our designs are different, that’s why we started the brand, to be different. To merge the country and coastal fashions like no other brand. This is what we have always been and always will be.

Check out our debut collection here: https://touchoftweed.co.uk/collections/all

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