Why it’s great to be a British Brand amidst all of the Brexit uncertainty

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The call for unique, well-made British goods seems to be in high demand compared to the mass manufactured goods seen offshore. The British fashion and textile industry needs to be celebrated and supported and the public seem to have really got behind this over the last few years………Until recently, a combination of rising labour prices and globalisation meant many of the products we use and consume in the UK were manufactured overseas. However, the global manufacturing landscape is changing. Factors such as working conditions in overseas factories, increasingly erratic quality of products, and awareness of global carbon footprints are making consumers stop and think about where their products are sourced from. As a result of this, British-made products are growing in popularity. …..

‘The UK Fashion and textiles industry employs 120,000 people and produces £9 billion of textiles every year.  This hugely important UK industry, with roots established before the industrial revolution, is experiencing unprecedented demand despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit’. – According to the Make it British collective.


Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK unlike other British brands that have iconic British designs and are jumping on the British trending theme, even though their products are actually made overseas to reduce costs and increase their margins. This is misleading the end customer to think they are getting a British product when they are not.

73% of British people think it’s important to buy British-made products and we thank them for their ongoing support to get our brand where it is today

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