Why we won’t defend our worth

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Do you get bombarded by brands with offers or sales daily and it’s starting to wear a little thin? We know the feeling. We both get emails daily and it’s starting to drive us a little potty. A recent survey we carried out showed that a whopping 90% of you agreed!⁠

Imagine finding a brand that doesn’t need to justify it’s worth through season trends, endless sales and offers ‘just because’ but instead they offer you high quality clothing that is built to last and made by hand, right here in the UK.⁠

A brand that understands you as a customer and doesn’t bombard you with the same emails but is there for you, to support you and be on a level with you.⁠

We are that brand, we are super proud of our products and we don’t need to have constant sales or constant offers to prove that to you, the proof is in the pudding as they say.⁠


We provide you with clothing and accessories that are made from the highest quality materials we can find that are also sustainable and ethically soured. If looked after properly our products will last you a life time, and will become softer and cosier over time. 

Our styles are classic and versatile, meaning they don’t go out of fashion as a new season starts. We don’t want to be  a contributor to fashion that ends up in land fill just because it isn’t on trend anymore.

It has always been important to us that our clothing and accessories are made right here in the UK, we have such a great history of textile manufacturing in this country, with fantastic quality and that all important traceability.⁠

If you follow us you will know our clothes are handmade in Yorkshire by a small family run factory using high quality materials carefully selected by us. British manufacturing is so important to us and why not support manufacturing in our own country and ensure quality, that we personally feel we may not get overseas.⁠

We can also ensure that staff making our clothing are paid well and are looked after, something that again cannot always be guaranteed when manufacturing overseas. Our garments are quality checked at the factory before being sent to us here in Somerset, they are then checked again here and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging by ourselves before heading out to you.

Imagine supporting a brand and wearing products you can be sure are made well and made last and have complete traceability. 


⁠What do you think?⁠
Do you agree that sale after sale and offers are all a little too much right now and we are losing sight of the smaller brands that don’t want or need to?⁠

Or is it a case of finding the right balance? 🙏⁠

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