5 tips to make your wardrobe more sustainable 

Posted on November 24, 2020, in: Uncategorized

Did you know you can make your wardrobe more sustainable using these top tips? 👇⁠

1- Choose quality over quantity

If you can, choose to invest in quality pieces that you know will last a lifetime, instead of paying a lot less and needing to replace that item more frequently. ⁠

The cost per wear of a higher-priced item will actually work out less than a lower priced item that needs replacing more often 💡⁠

2 – Care for your clothes

Do they really need washing after one use? Can you be seen in the same outfit a few days in a row? ⁠

Follow the care instructions and, if you can, dry clothes naturally.❤️⁠

3 – Check the labels

Just because a brand is a British founded or something is British designed it doesn’t necessarily mean the products are British Made – meaning the product may have covered many more miles than you thought 🇬🇧 ✈️⁠

4 – Ask questions

Never be afraid to ask a brand, no matter how big or small, questions. Where are your clothes made? Who are they made by? Why are things the price they are – the cheaper one’s you really want to question!⁠

All brands in our opinion should be transparent so you know exactly what you are buying into. ⁉️⁠

5 – Finally, be you

Don’t be afraid to be unique and wear clothes and accessories from smaller, lesser-known brands. Don’t be a sheep and follow seasons and trends. Be you, because you ARE beautiful.🥰⁠

We’d love to know if any of these resonate with you, share with us your thoughts 🤗⁠

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