Why us?

Every business starts with an idea. This one was simple: to create sustainable, British clothing with a touch of tweed.

Somerset-based entrepreneurs and partners, Catherine and James, launched Touch of Tweed in 2018 having spotted a niche for clothing that needed to be practical, everyday pieces but with that extra edge.

The brand’s vision was to provide quality, fun, but easy to wear pieces whilst remaining sustainable through using organic and natural fabrics.

Together with their shared love of the countryside, the coast and individual style they have successfully reinvented traditional British clothing by adding their signature pops of tweed to classic, British made pieces.

The collection is popular with equestrian, country and coastal folk and all those who are keen to move away from fast unethical fashion.

Offering high quality, unique, British clothing that is built to last, Touch of Tweed are spreading the word for consumers to buy once, buy well and buy British.

Based in Langport and selling primarily online but with the capacity to attend trade events, keep your eye on the find us page to find out where you can next us next and see our British brand.

Company number 10749309

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